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David Malcom Bennett's books include detailed look at the origins and problems with using the sinner's prayer, biographies on Salvation Army founder William Booth, the story of cricketer turned missionary CT Studd, and a history of the development of Left Behind theology.

The Sinner's Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers

ISBN-13: 978-1921633676


The Sinner's Prayer: Its Origins and Dangers seeks to find the reasons behind this disturbing situation. It examines various forms of the Sinner's Prayer to discover its nature and the assumptions behind it. It contrasts the Sinner's Prayer method of evangelism with biblical evangelistic practices and teaching.


Bennett suggests it is an unbiblical method - dangerous and far less successful than is usually claimed - and then promotes methods of evangelism that are in line with the teaching of Scripture.


Finally, this book traces the origins of this type of prayer, which are much more recent than is generally supposed. What part did Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, William Booth and Billy Graham play in its development?

William Booth and his Salvation Army

ISBN-13: 978-1922074737


The filthy back streets of London's East End in the Victorian era were home to every imaginable crime, vice and horror. Many thousands lived there without Christ and without hope, and no one seemed to care. But William Booth did care.


In 1865 Booth began a mission which took the Gospel to these people. It became The Salvation Army and changed the lives of many thousands as it spread throughout London, Britain and the world, preaching a Gospel of redemption and holiness.


New edition of previously published biography by one of the foremost authorities on William Booth and the beginning of The Salvation Army. Sold over 24000 books.

From Ashes To Glory

ISBN-13: 978-1921632761


(Charlie) Studd was a cricketer of the highest class. He played in the famed Test Match between England and Australia in 1882 that began the legend of the Ashes. From Ashes to Glory tells the story of this remarkable, dedicated man, and contains an authentic account of the 1882 Ashes Test, with all its drama. At the peak of his fame Studd retired from cricket to serve as a missionary in China.


In 1885 he was one of seven men of wealth and privilege (‘The Cambridge Seven’), who shocked the nation, by giving up everything to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Chinese. While there he suffered much, but saw many people come to Christ. He later spent six years as a missionary in India, where he opened a school which is still serving the community today. In 1913 he went to Central Africa and became the founder of the mission organisation WEC International, which today has about 1,800 workers in 50 countries.


Dr Evan Davies, former International Director of WEC International, recommends this book and reminds us that ‘Today thousands enjoy being part of God’s family because of Studd’s pioneer example.’

From Ashes to Glory was a joint winner in the biography section of the Caleb awards for 2014. 

The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology

ISBN-13: 978-1615796670


The Left Behind books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins have swept across the Christian world. But what are the origins of such Left Behind ideas as the pretribulation rapture and the sharp distinction between Israel and the Church?


The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology begins by investigating the eschatology behind the Left Behind stories, and selects eight teachings which are essential to that way of understanding the End Times. It then searches through the relevant documents produced by the Early Church and many since the Reformation, looking for the origins of each of those eight ideas and when and how they came together in a system. There are plenty of surprises.


The Origins of Left Behind Eschatology is a slightly enlarged version of Bennett's PhD dissertation. It has been called a "clearly argued, thoroughly researched and overwhelmingly convincing thesis", the conclusions of which "should ... dispel much of the uncertainty that has dogged this area of millennial studies." (Crawford Gribben - author of Rapture Fiction and the Evangelical Crisis).

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