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The Man, his Controversies and the Pentecostal Movement.


The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said that Edward Irving “possesses more of the spirit and purposes of the first Reformers … than any man now alive; yes, than any man of this and the last century. I see in Edward Irving, a minister of Christ, after the order of Paul”


Who was this Edward Irving?


He was called “the greatest orator” of his age. But he preached uncompromisingly, with depth, power and at great length, so it wasn’t long before some of the hangers-on deserted him. But crowds still filled his church.


Thomas Carlyle, the author, called him, “the freest, brotherliest, bravest human soul mine ever came in contact with. I call him, on the whole, the best man I have ever … found in this world, or now hope to find.”


Irving was the main figure behind the foundation of the Catholic Apostolic Church.


Lance Wonders, Academic Dean of the ACTS International Bible College, has called Edward Irving Reconsidered "a marvelous piece of research" and a "fair and insightful biography". Peter Elliott describes it as "a clear examination of Irving's life and thought that will prove accessible to those new to Irving, while silmultaneously providing scholars with fruitful lines of inquiry about his ongoing legacy" (Pneuma Review, vol 37, No. 2). Michael Madden says it is a book that is "well worth reading." Peter Brown says, "it succeeds brilliantly." John R. Miller in Pneuma Review says Bennett "narrates Irving's story with a masterful blend of detail, intrigue, and efficiency, which keeps the story moving in both an entertaining and scholarly manner." He

adds, that it makes "Edward Irving come to life." 

I (David Bennett) have an acquaintance who drives a Brisbane City Council Bus. One day I climbed aboard his bus, and he greeted me saying, "I loved that book you wrote about that Scottish bloke. It was terrific." Edward Irving was that "Scottish bloke" and this is the book.

I perceive two things in Scotland of the most fearful omen: ignorance of theological truth, and a readiness to pride themselves in and boast of it.

Edward Irving


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